“Every parent affected by autism should read this book. Bobbi answers the tough questions and gives easy to follow advice to parents that is honest and pertinent. A book like this is long overdue!”
- Hyndi Khomutetsky, MS, BCBA, Program Director

“This book not only addresses the aspects of growing into an adult that every child will face, it also provides a clear, behavioral, user friendly approach on how to plan for your child’s future. This book is geared to assist parents in setting their child up to achieve greater levels of independence and personal competence. Bobbi’s step-by-step guide on how to plan for the inevitable should be required reading for anyone who has children with developmental delays.”
- Nicole Geiger, MS, BCBA

“I am pleased to recommend this book to parents of older children with special needs. It is filled with helpful ideas, information and strategies. The compassion and care the author has for these families is clearly evident in the thoughtful way the information is presented.”
- Cherish Twigg, MS BCBA, Managing Partner, Establishing Operations, Inc.

“A compass for parents/caregivers who feel lost or need redirection as they journey the road less traveled. Thank you for caring and sharing!” – Mary Tracey, parent

“Having a child with autism, I have struggled picturing my son past his childhood. I’ve somewhat developed a mental block of him as an adult with this disability. Reading through Bobbi’s book and completing the self-evaluating tasks have painted a much clearer picture. There does not have to be a fear for parents with kids on the spectrum. Bobbi made the worksheets simple and easy to complete. She is a true asset to her profession and our autistic community.”
- Tiffany Watts, mother of ten-year-old son with autism

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