Autism Independence - Education and support for families of AutismAny parent of a child(ren) with a developmental disability knows that the stage of early intervention (0-5 years of age) is a blip on the screen. The time flies by so quickly! And in that brief period of time a lot of information was given, questions were asked, therapies were attended. In the end you may still have a child that needs assistance. So, what do you do when early intervention ends and the rest of their life begins?

Unfortunately, for children past the age of three, many assessments, treatment programs, and facilities fail to provide the knowledge of where to continue in the education and treatment for growing children with a developmental disability who are behind in their learning. The challenge for the caregiver lies in finding the motivation, dedication, and persistence in aiding children, teens, and adults in their journey to becoming self- sufficient. If you are experiencing any frustration about where to go, where to begin, or what to do, help is within your reach. If you have passed the three-year-old mark and your child is either a teenager or an adult, you can still take part in helping him or her shape a life that has independence and integrity.

Today is the day you can take charge of your life and begin to make a change in the course of your future and that of your child’s!!!

“People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.”  —Dalai Lama


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